Aioli– mayonnaise flavoured with garlic, from south of France and Italy.

Cassava– a root vegetable grown in tropical climates, A staple in South American and the South Pacific cuisine. Also known as yucca.

Chorizo– spicy pork sausage from Spain made with smoked paprika, can be made for cooking or cured.

Daikon– also known as mooli or white radish. Used mainly in Japanese and chinese food.

Edamame– fresh soybeans, steamed in the pod and served with salt.

Feijoa– native S American fruit with guava like texture and pineapplely aroma.

Gremolata– a mix of chopped parsley, lemon zest, garlic and red onion. Can also use preserved lemon, shallots.

Laksa– SE Asian soup varying from country to country. Commonly made with coconut milk, rice noodles, and plenty of garnishes ie seafood, chicken, quails eggs.

Membrillo– a thick quince paste made from slowly cooking down quince with sugar. Great served with cheese.

Miso– a fermented paste made from rice and soy beans. There are many varieties from brown to red to yellow

Pandan– a leaf from south east asia that imparts a distinctive flavour and pale green colour. Used in desserts and some savoury dishes.

Plantain– looks like a banana, is always cooked, served with main meals in South America. Can be cooked green or ripe.

Pomegranate molasses– thick syrup made from boiling down pomegranate juice. Very sweet and sour tasting.

Quinoa– a grain grown at high altitude, a member of the corn family. Small with nutty flavour, very high in protein and iron. Also known as the super grain!

Smoked Paprika– mild to hot red chillies, smoke-dried over wood, crushed to a powder. Has a distinct flavour and aroma

Tahini– paste made from grounding sesame seeds and a little oil. Common in the middle east.

Tamarillo– often called tree tomatoes, tart tasting fruit originally from S America. Cooked with sugar, roasted or poached.

Tamarind– sour paste from the pods of a tree in asia. Paste is removed, cooked with water and seeds removed to leave a paste.

Tapioca– small balls made from the cassava plant.

Umeboshi– salted, dried ‘plums’ from Japan. Actually an apricot but taste is similar to plum! Ume is name of the fruit, boshi means dried.

Verjus– unfermented, concentrated grape juice. Dates back to Roman times, commonly used like lemons are today.

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